20 medical and research teams working together
 to improve vision and overcome disabilities

Vision and Handicaps

With a million and a half visually impaired persons and at least sixty thousand individuals with total blindness in France, visual disability, taken as a whole, is a major medical and socio-economic issue. The multifaceted pathogenic mechanisms causing these deficiencies (related to ageing, genetic and metabolic factors, and inflammatory and infectious diseases) impose a multidisciplinary disease management strategy and patient support beyond just ophthalmology. Vision handicaps...

Moreover, ageing of the population will result in a massive increase in the prevalence of diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal vascular disease, and cataracts. Dynamic progress observed over the last ten years in terms of therapeutic innovations provides more effective visual rehabilitation and an extended maintenance of autonomy, which depends on the integration in a chain of care of all of the essential and complementary skills. This was possible only for a minority of patients due to lack of coordinated efforts.  The « Département Hospitalo-Universitaire (DHU) Vision and Handicaps » has as objectives the prevention, screening, and management of ocular conditions, which are sources of disability, but also of visual impairment in patients with associated disabilities. It brings together care units of the APHP, of the Centre Hospitalier National des Quinze-Vingts, and the Fondation Ophtalmologique Rothschild, affiliated with three major universities : the UPMC, the UVSQ, the University of Paris 7 and the University of Paris 13, clinical and fundamental research teams, and medical education will also be promoted.