20 medical and research teams working together
 to improve vision and overcome disabilities



   The Glaucoma Task Force of the DHU Vision and Handicaps offers comprehensive glaucoma care and a support for a variety of clinical and fundamental research programs. Our group is at the forefront of innovation in the diagnosis and the treatment of all forms of glaucoma. With the different research teams of the Vision Institute, the Glaucoma Task force constitutes a unique platform for a true translational research dedicated to patients suffering from glaucoma.




  Ambroise Paré Hospital : Pr Antoine Labbé, Dr Sylvain Michée
Avicenne Hospital : Dr Audrey Giocanti
Bichat Hospital : Dr Cédric Lamirel
Rothschild Ophthalmologic Fundation : Pr Isabelle Cochereau, Dr Cédric Lamirel
Bicêtre Hospital : Pr Marc Labetoulle,  Dr Antoine Rousseau, Dr Lydie Bonin, Dr Clotilde Reynaud
Pitié Salpétrière Hospital : Dr Audrey Fel
CHNO  XV-XX : Pr Christophe Baudouin, Pr Antoine Labbé, Dr Pascale Hamard, Dr Emmanuelle Brasnu