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Education is the main goal of the work package n°4, «Innovative knowledge management and dissemination processes » with the creation of a European Master of Visual sciences, together with University College London in the UK, thanks to the longstanding research collaboration and commitment of Pr SAHEL as Cumberlege Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the Institute of Ophthalmology (UCL), as well as the involvement of Pr Bhattacharya (UCL) in the Vision Institute (Chair of Excellence, UPMC (S-U.P)).

These leading edge academic institutions (the Vision institute and the Institute of Ophthalmology), plan to jointly develop an academic curriculum as part of the binational virtual institute for research into vision and eye disease. This curriculum will be supported by web-TV and podcasting systems. All scientific video productions will be stored on a server and available on the Vision institute and Institute of Ophthalmology web sites. Besides welcoming students of Master of Ergonomics of University Paris 5 (Pr Mollard), the DHU will participate to the upcoming master in Ergonomics, initiated by UPMC (S-U.P), aiming at developing low vision rehabilitation programs. Ergonomics is a specialisation which has been quite neglected in the French University system, despite major and growing unmet needs.


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