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National meetings

May 10th 2015 :


SFO, Meeting CIO* - DHU Vision & Handicaps

02:00 pm to 05:00 pm 



DHU SightRestore - Paris Pte Maillot, Palais des Congrès - Level 2 - Room 251

*Club Inflammation Oculaires


CFSR Journée annuelle des spécialistes de la rétine

08:15 am to 05:45 pm

*French Club of Retinal Specialist



During the French Ophthalmology Society meeting and JRO (Journées de Réflexion Ophtalmologiques) meeting, one day is dedicated to lectures about our DHU given by members of the DHU.

Members of the DHU participates to all large organizations of subspecialties in Ophthalmology:

  • CFSR (French Club of Retinal Specialists)
  • Club cornée
  • Société Française du Glaucome
  • Société de l’Association Française des Implants et de la Chirurgie Réfractive