20 medical and research teams working together
 to improve vision and overcome disabilities




The Task Force of Pediatric Ophthalmology federates 4 hospitals i.e Fondation Rothschild, Robert Debré, Trousseau and Kremlin Bicêtre around medical care, clinical research and continuing education. Education and staff-meeting are organised to improve clinical management of ophthalmologic disorders in children.




  Amandine Barjol (MD, Fondation Rothschild) Coordinator
Emmanuel Barreau (MD, Kremlin Bicêtre)
Emmanuel Bui Quoc (MD. PhD, Robert Debré)
Georges Caputo (MD, Fondation Rothschild)
Pascal Dureau (MD PhD, Fondation Rothschild)
Catherine Edelson (MD, Fondation Rothschild)
Béatrice Pelosse (MD, Trousseau)
Maria-Pia-Bucci (CR1-HDR, Inserm-Paris 7, Robert Debré)
Liza Vera (MD, Robert Debré)